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ID #1714 | Thursday, 10 July, 2014  06:04 | Hits: 506

Airbnb Clone: Vacation rental & lodging script

Nine Hertz has developed Airbnb clone for vacation rental and lodging and it’s available at reasonable rate. You can customize Airbnb clone at any extent and add your own features to make your service unique.

Airbnb clone helps you to find right rental home on your vacation or any visit to a new place. This lodging script gives you same features that you get from Airbnb at very low rate. It’s scalable customizable across a variety of verticals such as lodges, hostels, paying guest etc…

If your requirement is to check out rooms in hostels without visiting that place than Airbnb clone is what you looking for. It’s easy to use and customize just follow the below points.

1) Purchase our script

2) Customize it with your need

3) Publish

4) Enjoy! You got your work done

Nine Hertz is a Web, Mobile Development and Design Company which offers Digital Marketing solutions as well. Nine Hertz has launched many Android applications like home360, tic tac toe, Whistle Phone Finder etc… Trusting us on the grounds of IT world Nine Hertz proves himself to be the best with numerous testimonials and portfolios. Our Airbnb Clone is our 100% quality product which can be checked by our Airbnb Clone demo URL. If you looking for customization than Nine Hertz will do it for you with very small amount like if you want to enable it on your website which provides details of available rooms in your county then Nine Hertz will deliver you the same. Airbnb is a web service API that can implement on web applications but if anyone wants to implement it in android than also Nine Hertz can possibly try to provide you the same. This interactive and attractive Airbnb Clone API will fulfil all your needs to vacation rental or lodging service.

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