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Start a Pinterest like site in your own niche and become famous instantly !

There has been many image sharing sites through the history of the web – but nothing has proven to be as funky and viral as the Pinterest . Pinterest opened a new angle of image sharing which proved to be both visually stunning and more fun to even use the site . Images have always been one of the main pillars of the web , as people love sharing images and its a no brainer its a billion dollar industry .

What do you get in this deal ?

  • You get the most powerful Pinterest like script with 100% source code ( Worth $500 )

BTW why is image sharing such a rave on the web ?

We all love images . Knowingly or UN-knowingly we see thousands of images on the web daily and share many of them . Image sharing has always been the center of attraction which runs many of the most famous social networks . Anything associated with images has always been peoples favorite .

How much money can be made using image sharing ?

Staring from Flickr to Picassa to Facebook etc. image sharing has always glued visitors to the sites . From small blogs to big established sites images have always been a way to engage the users . When visitors like images so much , it can obviously be monetized in a zillion ways from affiliate to image ads to pay to view .

How can money be made using image sharing ?

Monetizing a image sharing site is one of the easiest and popular method on the web . The 3 prominent methods used to monetize a image sharing site are :

  • Affiliate : Traffic redirected to appropriate items sales sites from an image is one of the sure conversion mechanism ( Eg : Redirecting a click on an image of a Bag to a eCommerce site selling bags )

  • Image Ads : Nearly all AD providers provide Image ads , that populate relative Ads on images based on the ALT text of the image ( Eg : )

  • Referral income : redirecting users on a click of an image to relative sites for commission on the referral traffic .

Top 3 reasons you should buy this amazing Pinterest script :

  • The script is available for an un-believable 20% discount for the first 20 users !
  • This powerful Pinterest clone script is packed with all the cutting edge features ( Check the list of features at the last section ) . All the Pinterest scripts available in the market doesnt even have 50% of the features this fantastic script has !
  • The script is bundled with all the essential SEO elements to boost your search traffic .

  • You get 100% source code !

What are the killer features you will be getting with this incredible Pinterest clone script ?

Some of the amazing features in this image sharing script are :

  • Its built on HTML5 & CSS3 making it look real beautiful & elegant .

  • This Pinterest clone script is made to be extremely SEO friendly with search friendly URL structure , to get your site that much wanted search traffic .

  • You can easily change the Logo of this Pinterest clone script from the Admin panel directly .

  • You can add as many categories you want in this Pinterest clone script from the Admin panel and also manage them effectively .

  • This fantastic Pinterest clone script is fitted with a powerful User management system in the Admin panel to moderate and monitor the site .

  • All the links and posts uploaded in this Pinterest clone script can be controlled from the admin panel along with the comments .

  • Present in this powerful Pinterest clone script is a good Ad management system for you to fit in your Ads from various networks .

  • This amazing Pinterest clone script comes with a sleek WYSIWYG editor to edit pages .

  • The Pinterest clone script has seamless User registration and login system .

  • The pages in this beautiful Pinterest clone script is made with the Pinterest look & feel and has easy navigation for your visitors to move around the site .

  • Users can effortlessly post images and share them category wise .

  • This cool Pinterest clone script is fitted with filters to check out the most liked posts , popular posts etc.

  • Has a powerful search feature for people to search for posts .

  • This Pinterest clone script is fitted with all the required Social media Share elements , to make users instantly share any post / link etc.

  • Has a built in RSS feed to publish your posts on any RSS burners .

  • Has all the static pages required like About us , Privacy poiliy , DMCA , Contact form etc.

  • Has profile pages for each user showing their posts in a sleek manner .

Note : There are still much more amazing features ( which will make this list longer – do check out every detail of this stunning Pinterest script on the Demo )

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