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SMS/Textmsg Clone

The SMS/Textmsg Script

Majestic paper jets

Getting your individual atmosphere even feels like an excellent notion. The reason not really to build it via paper? It's the easiest sense which in turn can transport you a lots of excitement. If you loved this short article and you would like to acquire much more information with regards to [h ...
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send text message from computer to cell phone

Easy to download sms messaging gateway utility is a perfect solution that can easily salvage all selected data from system to cell phone. ...
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NewAgeX Sms Script

Newagex Sms Script is a free SMS text messaging provider that allows your members to send free international sms messages to anyone and also allow them to mask their mobile phone number. How can you earn profits by providing free sms text messaging service? The core features of Newagex Sms Script al ...
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Five Star SMS Script

Allow users to send SMS / text messages from your website.There is built in flood control. In the config.php file you can set the number of seconds allowed between texts. -A captcha feature is included to prevent non-human submissions. -Sender has an option to receive replies via email or text messa ...
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Free SMS Text Messaging Script

Create your own Free SMS sending website. You can send text messages (SMS) to almost every country in the world. The script works for FREE, you do not pay to send any of the text messages. Really attractive web 2.0 interface. Unlike other scripts, the owner can receive all the text messages to their ...
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PHPASPSMS is a PHP frontend for the aspsms SMS service. Allows you to create web-based SMS gateways with the PHP scripting language. Supports simple SMS messages, logos and vcards. ...
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PlaySMS is a flexible PHP Web-based Mobile Portal System that can be used as an SMS gateway, personal messaging system, and corporate/group communication tool. Allows broadcast and single messaging, forwarding, autoreply, and more. Provides web admin tool ...
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KSMS is a free and open source program hosted at sourceforge ( - ) KSMS is a web-based interface to manager an SMS Gateway like kannel.The goals is an integrated users manager, SMS templates, a flexible admin control panel.Sms bulk are sended throug ...
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PHP script for SMS sending

Simple and easy for modification, PHP script for SMS sending through HTTP with you own Sender ID and delivery reports. You just have to type your account information and upload file on server. ...
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SMSscript is a free SMS sending script that will allow you to open a profitable free SMS messaging service ...
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x10media SMS Script

Send FREE SMS through the Internet! This is what will bring traffic to your ads! Try it! You'll be amazed! Front End features. * Captcha system to prevent fraudulent use of your website by web robot. * Free web to SMS service directly on frontpage without any registration * FAQ Section Admin feature ...
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E SMS Script

E SMS Script is free sms sending website script like way2sms and 160by2 websites. it's a international sms sending website script completely manage by power full admin.It have all the features of these websites along with very power full database structure which allow you to filter and download data ...
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Txt Mobster

Broadcast mass SMS/TXT messages and alerts to cell phones and email addresses from any location directly from your mobile device or the web. Disseminate information to consumers, employees, and other subscribers. txtmobster can be utilized to communicate any time sensitive information via text to 1 ...
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