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AllRecipes Clone

The AllRecipes Script

A website to find free recipes created and rated by home cooks—plus, menus with dinner ideas, holiday meals, and party food ideas.

Online Food Ordering Script (Just Eat & Grubhub Clone)
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Come And Eat is a clone of just eat and grubhub websites. Here, we can order our food from most like restaurants. It has some good features like invoice generation, GPRS printer integration, payment gateway integration, etc...
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PHP Recipes Script - phpSoftPro

Easy to use PHP/MySQL script for anyone who wants to create and maintain Recipes website. Features: Simple installation, editable templates, SEO friendly URLs, responsive site design optimised for all mobile devices, free installation, RSS feeds enabled, newsletter and more. ...
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SP Recipes

Recipes script written in PHP/MySQL which allows you to run your own recipes website. Features: Simple one step installation, advanced admin panel, comments system, contact us, smarty cache system, multilanguage and more. One-domain license with lifetime upgrades + Free Installation: 25.00$ ...
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MaPa Recipes

Powerful, fully customizable PHP script to create an online recipes website. Main Features: Categories and sub-categories, admin panel for adding, editing, and removing categories and recipes, SEO optimized (friendly URL-s, Dynamic Meta Tags). ...
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Food spotting clone - Just Spotted

JustSpotted was built with the motto of “Feeding-the-World”, which can be justified when we have alook into the icing features like Connect, CDN and Guides, Business and Geo-location integrations along with the strong platform on which it is developed this product is surely going to reach this m ...
  • Currently 2.57/5

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LyreScript Recipe Script

LyreScript can be easily used as a stand alone powerful recipes script to create an online recipes website. LyreScript Recipe Script is an advanced PHP script that allows to build your own recipes site. It is the powerful tool. Script is built with focus on increase ease of users and profits of webm ...
  • Currently 2.70/5

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Manal Recipes Script

Manal Recipes Script is an advanced, powerful PHP top featured and easy to use very profitable recipes content management system With many options and 100% searching engines friendly, Revenue Sharing and Google Adsense compatible it. Script Features: 100% Searching engines friendly. Unlimited domain ...
  • Currently 2.50/5

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ABL Recipe Script

Start a money making reicpe website Features: Attractive style and profile for recipes posters. Ideal for adding adsense or other code. Registeration system with image captcha. Interactive members control panel Share revenue with your users Comments with dofollow links and captcha images. Search fea ...
  • Currently 1.89/5

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Recipes Script

Features: Plug-n-Play website. Easy installation (partially using BigDump). Easy to configure website. Easy to modify template. Over 38,000 recipes in over 50 categories. Searchable database. Search Engine Friendly. Pre-made Logo PSD file. Contextual Advertisement Ready with Privacy Policy. ...
  • Currently 2.00/5

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Recipez- PHP Recipe script

Want to run your own recipe website, just like, or Recipez 2.0 is a full-fledged Web 2.0 php recipe script which you can get running in no time. People can submit new recipes, rate / review existing ones, network with each other and many more. In right ...
  • Currently 2.14/5

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InterSoft Recipes Site Script

Features: Easy customizable, template based. Easy install. Top rated Recipes list. Recipe categories. Recipe rating. New Recipes list. Search Recipe. Contact us form. Send email with forgotten password. Members menu features: Change password. Change members signup info. Post recipe comment. Post rec ...
  • Currently 1.88/5

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Recipe Site Script

Features: Written in PHP/MySQL. All pages are created using Apaches mod-rewrite so any recipe age all look like static pages within the search engines. Comes with over 22,000 recipes. Recipes managed into over 150 different categories. Search feature which searches recipes titles, ingredients and at ...
  • Currently 2.44/5

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Recipes Script CMS

Multi featured recipes Content Management System script designed specially for recipes social networking enthusiastic, who wants to grow their business in shortest possible time. Look no further towards any other script as developing this script took us a year and we have incorporate most of the imp ...
  • Currently 2.83/5

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Recipe Script

I got so tired of purchasing recipe scripts only to have each one not live up to my expectations. So, came three years of paying programmers and improving each design until I reached my goal: a recipe script that is easy to use and still be able to provide a unique design for the website owner. ...
  • Currently 2.50/5

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Maian Recipe Script

Option for visitors to submit recipes. Visitor submitted recipes approval system. Option for visitors to upload pictures with recipe submission. Picture upload restrictions for image type and file size. Optional auto resize option for jpeg images. ...
  • Currently 2.57/5

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