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StackOverflow Clone

The StackOverflow Script

PHP Questions Answers Script - phpSoftPro

Powerful question and answer script written in PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Main features: Templates are fully customizable with Smarty template engine, unlimited number of categories and subcategories, SEO friendly pages, rating system, comments system, RSS feeds, Facebook signup / signin and more. ...
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ScriptFolder - Questions aand Answers

Create an amazing Questions and Answers, responsive website with ScriptFolder- Questions and Answers. It has been designed with latest technology and gathering features from Yahoo! Answers, Ask, Quora, answerbag etc. ScriptFolder- Questions and Answers created SEO friendly, user-friendly and it is l ...
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An Open Source implementation of a similar system to StackOverflow - basically an advanced questions/answers management system for support, forums, FAQs and similar systems. ...
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SOClone will make use of Progressive Enhancement to ensure that all core functionality is available regardless of whether or not the user has JavaScript enabled - some of Stack Overflow's core functionality such as voting, accepting answers, viewing comments, marking questions as favourites and flag ...
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Many product companies make product decisions with a flawed understanding of what’s important to their customers. Focus groups, customer advisory boards, and one-on-one conversations all provide data points to determine customer wants and needs. But these approaches make broad assumptions about yo ...
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Qwench is a PHP/mySQL based StackOverflow clone. Features 1. Allow users to post questions and answers 2. Points system similar to StackOverflow 3. Ability to post an article as a knowledge-base (for corporates) 4. Ability to lock site to registered users only 5. Clean CSS layout 6. Works in all maj ...
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Shapado is another Stack Overflow-like app written in Ruby on Rails, mongomapper and mongodb. Using this script you can make a Stack Overflow Clone or a Yahoo Answers Clone ...
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