Top Five Classified Scripts Platforms – Tailored To The Exact Needs Of Your Business

Long before the era of the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo, we have all been ‘victims’ of another traditional search experience – web directories. With plenty of links to various websites and classified ads, every visitor was able to find relevant information fast.

However, even after the rise of search engines and the advancement of the World Wide Web, we are still using these massive databases when looking for individual businesses but also when trying to extend a business exposure and draw attention to the products/services of the business in particular.

So, why despite the great revolution led by search engines we still feel obliged to use web directories? Mainly because of their:

  • geographical generation of the target market
  • sensible relevance
  • real sales ratios
  • link building
  • result oriented traffic

Sure, these are the results every business is looking for – but when it comes to classified ads and scripts, only a few businesses excel in delivering the actual point. Again referring to technology, developing a web directory is nowadays easier than ever – with the classifieds ads script, each of us is able to tailor our classified ads to what they need best.

That is why today, we are sharing the 5 best classified ads script generators present on the marketplace.

The Best Classifieds Script Platforms For Your Ads

There are a lot of classified software programs and websites available on the web, however most of them follow the pay-to-use principle. Luckily for you, we are listing the free classified script generators that are simply the best from any perspective – whether it’s SEO friendliness or wide usage online.

So, let’s start.

  1. PHP-Classifieds – Fully functional and amazingly flexible, this classified software script is developed in PHP and can be downloaded directly from the source – completely free! Coming with a responsive theme which is also mobile friendly and a great admin panel, PHP-Classifieds has been known as the most powerful classified script in terms of SEO, and it also comes with PayPal integration.
  2. OSClass – As an open source PHP classified script free of charge, OSClass comes with many attractive themes all supporting an interactive Map in both US and Indian versions available to be downloaded. OSClass also comes in 4 versions in terms of specific industry classifieds, supporting general classifieds, real estate, cars and jobs classified ads free of charge.
  3. Almond Classifieds Scripts – The Almond free classified ads generator makes you develop a classified ads website free and within only few minutes – with a script that is easy for use and completely integrated with Facebook and Joomla.
  4. DClassifieds – DClassifieds is available in 2 versions, the 1.0 and the 2.0 – both of which have amazing features such as multilingual support, themes support, many hierarchical locations and unlimited classified ads categories – simply one of the best classified ads scripts available online.
  5. Noah’s Classifieds – This free classified ads script has an awesome design and is developed in the V8 Professional Series Software. It can be monetized with Google AdSense Ads, which makes it the best classified ads script for optimization and full integration.


In the end, developing a web directory is great simply because it brings great benefit to the audience needing it. On the other side, the monetization focus is always great, supporting banner ads, sponsored ads, PPC ads, paid links and many other ways to make the most out of your free classified ads script and enjoy successful ranks in the search engines.