A collection of the top Facebook clone scripts

Facebook is the most important social networking site today. We have created a list of the top Facebook clones of the largest social website with revenues of over six billion dollars in 2013 alone!

Here’s the user growth and ad revenue breakdown:

facebook growth facebook ad revenue

So how about creating your own? If you are looking to create your own social networking website, we have created a list for you of the top Facebook clones in the market. Consider this list of the top Facebook scripts in your research. So here it is! The list of the top Facebook clone scripts available on the internet:




1. Social Engine

social engine

Facebook Clone: Social Engine

We chose SocialEngine as our number two as you can create your own custom social network and help you connect your friends in minutes. No programming or design skills needed. Launch is a breeze.

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2. PHP Fox

php fox

Facebook Clone number two: PHPFox

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3. Social Book

Social Book

Facebook Clone number three: Social Book

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4. PHPDolphin


Facebook Clone Number Four: PHPDolphin

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5. PHPShark


Facebook script number five: PHPShark

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Those are our top five Facebook clone scripts. You may also want to read this interesting article that compares top social networking software.

We hope this list helps you in your search of the right social network script or Facebook clone.

If you would like to keep searching for more commercial PHP Facebook clone scripts, then take a look at our directory section of PHP Facebook Scripts

Good luck in your new venture!