Here I will describe five quick tips that will help you make a better decision when buying a clone script.


Access to the code

Make sure you have complete access and ownership of the code, this will ensure that you have an scalable web application, make sure the code is unencrypted and the source code is available.


Professional clean design

Make sure the application as well as the website which sells it has a nice clean design, this will give you an idea of how professional the company.


The Price

Keep in mind that if you are purchasing a clone script, you are already saving a lot of money and time from having it developed from scratch, this has an important intrinsic value for you so don’t try to go for the cheapest option, go for the one that feels best consider that you are saving a lot of time and money. I wouldn’t buy any website clone for less than 99 dollars and you shouldn’t either, it would just be waste your time and efforts.


The Reviews

Learn from the community, visit online forums like Digital Point, do some research about the script, read what people have to say about it, find out about their support after the sale, learn from the people who are have bought it and are running the script .


That’s all my friends, I wish you the best luck on your venture and remember that when there is a will there is a way.